Michiana  Astronomical  Society


The Michiana Astronomical Society is an Astronomy club based in the South Bend/Mishawaka Indiana area. Previously we met on the third Monday of the month at the Michiana Penn Harris Main Library @ 7:00PM. Effective April 1st the library is instituting new hours and closing @ 6:00PM, so we are currently looking for a new place to hold our meetings.

Important News

March 22, 2015 - Please accept our apologies, our web site crashed as the result of a bug in an automatic software upgrade.  We are rebuilding our web site using some different software, if something is missing please let me know.


Paul Surowiec

 March 16, 2016 - Effective April 1st the library is instituting new hours and closing @ 6:00PM, so we are currently looking for a new place to hold our meetings.

The April 20th meeting will be held at the PHM-DVT (Penn Harris Madiso-Digital Video Theater/Plantarium) DVT  6:30 till 8:30. The Planetarium--Digital Video Theater is located in Bittersweet Elementary School, 55860 Bittersweet Road, Mishawaka, IN 46545. The school is directly east of the Educational Services Center.

 April 1, 2015 - The 2015 Michiana Star Party will feature four guest speakers on Saturday, May 16.  Nick Schuck, Dr. Grant Mathews, David Fuller, and Therese Dorau will address telescope equipment, the evolving universe, the impact of light at night, and municipal sustainability. 

April  20, 2015 - Meetings:

May 2015 - Meeting will take place at the MSP7 Star Party.

June 2015 - Meeting will take place on Thursda7 June 18th at a new location the Centre branch of the South Bend library located at 1150 E Kern Road South Bend, IN 46614

Future MAS meetings will be held on the third Thursday of the month at the Centre library unless noted.

Not the best of weather for MSP7, but a few hours of decent viewing. Below are pictures from MSP7.

Pauls72's MSP7 album on Photobucket

If you have come here looking for information on the MAS7 Star Party, you have come to the right place. It can be found on the MSP7 page. You can also find the information located on our presidents web site Nightwise.

Earthbound Events

Time for a Star Party - Read Chucks blog about what goes on at a Star Party .

Space Events

 The Hubble Space Telescope celebrates it's 25th Anniversary in space this week.

   NASA reported the New Horizons spacecraft began its approach phase to Pluto, which will result in the first flyby of the "dwarf planet" on July 14, 2015.
Time until
New Horizons reaches it's closest approach to Pluto.     


Can you find these galaxies in the sky? 

 We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductable.